Come Crew With Us

The SanJuan 21 typically races with a crew of three. Sometimes boats are short for Wednesday Night Racing (the biggest weekly activity of our club) .

If you are interested in being on the pickup crew email list, complete the pickup crew form over at the Glenmore Sailing Club website.

The process is…

  • SUNDAY – skippers are polled to see which boats are needing pickup crew that week
  • MONDAY – an email is sent to the pickup crew list. There’s a link to a crew sign up page like this one. If you are available that week, you sign up for one of the spots and you’re out racing with us that week.

What you need to bring sailing

  • a life jacket
  • shoes that won’t mark up the deck of a sailboat
  • a bottle of water is a good idea too
  • PS… all but one of the boats are all up on the hard in the Boat Parking area near Heritage Park (14 St  SW and Heritage Drive)