New to Sailing?

It’s possible to join a sailboat crew with no or limited experience, but some skills will help you enjoy your time on the water and makes you a more valuable crew member on the boat.

The Glenmore Sailing School –  largest sailing school in Canada.

The SanJuan 21 sails like a dinghy and small boat skills transfer up to keelboats better than bigger boat skills transfer to dinghies. Go swimming a few times while you learn to sail in a 420, Club Junior or Laser… You’ll appreciate the SanJuan 21 all the more.

The Glenmore Sailing Club has learn-to-sail programs for kids in the Optimist Sailboats. Super safe and stable they are a great learning platform.

Some of the kids (who are still under 16 years old) that went through GSC’s sailing camps are now racing a SJ21, to the chagrin of some of the adults they are beating.