Starting Lines for Races

Peter, wearing a SJ21 Canadian Nationals shirt

Peter van Muyden, International Race Officer, uses the following guideline for the length of a start line. 

“Average length of a boat in the class x 1.5 x number of boats”

For a class of SanJuan 21s at the Glenmore Sailing Club this could translate to 21 x 1.5 x # of boats… or a 475 foot start line for 15 boats.

A start line of sufficient length provides fair and even opportunities at the start for all boats and is safer than a short start line.

Peter was SailCanada’s volunteer of the month (January 2016) and volunteer of the year (2016). Peter was also the PRO at the SJ21 North American Championships in 2016.

Thank you Peter for dedication to excellence in race management.

Note: At Glenmore, throwing out an anti-barging mark behind the barge and biasing the pin slightly helps to alleviate congestion around the barge.